tirsdag 24. april 2012

A bit more advanced

Today i am thinking about making more advanced stuff. My goal for this blog is to make rings that everyone can do, to teach how to start making homemade decorations from scratch in a easy, light way. But still, i also want to make shure that it don't get too boring for the persons who have some experience in making decorations. Because of this, i want my readers to let me know what they wanna learn. My goal is to teach you how to make it, and the readers goal should be how to make these things look even more pretty.

As a result of my thinking, i way you guys to send me pictures of things you make, and when i start getting pictures, i will make a site whiten the blog, for the readers to publish their work, and from there it will be placed a link to the creators homepage/blog if they have one.

For all pictures i want you to write a text, don't have to be long, just telling what it is. If you want to write a long text with how you made it, and what you used to make it, that is ok too.

Send it to:

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