tirsdag 24. april 2012

Buying more stuff

Now, finally on my way to sweden, i am really exited to buy more stuff for my hobby room. the first thing i´ll focus on, is more napkins. You can never get too much napping. I want them in all kinds of colors, layouts and sizes. Blue ones, green ones, purple... you name it, i´ll buy it!

I am also going to make a Facebook site while i am on the boat ride to sweden. This site will be in norwegian, and the plan is to sell the stuff i make. not to make so much money, but just enough to pay for the things i need to keep practicing my hobby. So it won't be an income, just an invest in my future hobby plans.

Pictures of more stuff is coming soon, and i will keep updating the guide site!

A bit more advanced

Today i am thinking about making more advanced stuff. My goal for this blog is to make rings that everyone can do, to teach how to start making homemade decorations from scratch in a easy, light way. But still, i also want to make shure that it don't get too boring for the persons who have some experience in making decorations. Because of this, i want my readers to let me know what they wanna learn. My goal is to teach you how to make it, and the readers goal should be how to make these things look even more pretty.

As a result of my thinking, i way you guys to send me pictures of things you make, and when i start getting pictures, i will make a site whiten the blog, for the readers to publish their work, and from there it will be placed a link to the creators homepage/blog if they have one.

For all pictures i want you to write a text, don't have to be long, just telling what it is. If you want to write a long text with how you made it, and what you used to make it, that is ok too.

Send it to:

mandag 23. april 2012

Starting with a hobby

After a few years in a new city, i decided to start up a hobby. For a while i was unsure about what kind, and I ended up trying a few.

The first one was a fish tank with all kinds of fish, shrimps and snails. Although it was fun, it made a lot of mess. Water everywhere, and i couldn't jus leave it for a few days when u take a vacation. I still have fish, but i stopped breeding them. Too much responsibility.

So i bought two pet rats. They are the best. Some people don't understand whats fun with rats, but its really fun. But my rats sleep during the day, and i cannot make things to put on my wall with rats, so i decided to do something really hobby like.

I tried scrapping, not my thing. I tried Photos, not enough. I ended up with decoupage!!

The first step was to buy everything i needed. I have bought decoupage glue, enough for a few years i think :P And i have some nice napkins. I will write a list with stores and if they have a website, it will end up in my blog, but i live in norway, so for other readers, you have to look for it yourself.

With decoupage glue and a few napkins i started off easy. I bought some candle holders and some glass, and started decorating. The result of my first few products is awesome. Decoupage glue is white, but turns blank when dried. I was a bot worried the first time, cause it took a few hours for it to get dry, but i was very pleased to see the result afterwards.

Then i decided to take it one step further. I got some plank peaces, and painted them i a various of colors, and i used acrylic paint. Getting a hold of some stencils, i painted letters on the planks, and woilla! i now have pretty decorations to hang on my walls.

So, wanna start doing easy and nice decorations? Here are a few of the things you will need.
Scissors, many! You will break them after a while!
paper in all the colors you can get your hands on, but you will mostly need white basic paper.
decoupage glue
napkins, you can never get too much!
paint. Acrylic paint
knife, a really razor sharp knife.
If you have a printer, awesome!
Used soda cans! alot!
OK! thats the basic. now, lets see some pictures of some of the stuff i made the last week! On most off the stuff i have made easy-to-follow guides through Snapguide.